6 Essential Qualities of Great Salespeople

They practice active listening
A good salesperson always listens more than talks in order to identify problems they may be able to offer the customer a solution to. They practice “active listening” and adapt their message to the needs of the customer, never vice versa.

They don’t waste their time on people who aren’t interested
Great salespeople don’t waste their time trying to convince people who just aren’t interested in what they have to offer. They understand that there are far too many people in the world who are looking for what they have to be wasting time on someone who isn’t.

They like being around people and are active in their community
To be a great salesperson, you have to have great people skills and the desire to build trusting relationships with those around you. They understand that the best way to build relationships and meet new people (and potential customers in the process) is to actively network in their community. They take initiative to go out and meet people, rather than waiting for people to come to them (because, as we all know, that doesn’t work).

Their success is based solely on their actions
Great salespeople don’t depend on others or the economic environment to determine their success. Instead, they rely on their own actions to create their own economy, regardless of what is happening in the world around them.

They are self-motivated and hold themselves accountable
Great salespeople are self-motivated, set their own goals, and push themselves to achieve them. They don’t rely on others to keep them accountable for their actions.

They aren’t discouraged by failures
Rather than feeling discouraged by failure or taking it personally, great salespeople see the experience as a stepping stone to their future success. They understand that just because a client rejected their product or service doesn’t mean that they are rejecting them.

March 2013