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  We own four internet franchises

Current PowerPoint slideshow Intro to Market America

Book Referral
Randy Gage - Making the First Circle Work

     6 Essential Qualities of Great Salespeople

Book Referral and Notes:
How America's New Independent Workers Are
Transforming the Way We Live
Free Agent Nation by Daniel H. Pink

Book Referral and Notes:
The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Drive by Daniel H. Pink
Book Referral and Notes:
Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
"Made to Stick" by Chip & Dan Heath
Book Referral and Notes:
How To Change Things When Change Is Hard
"Switch"  by Chip & Dan Heath
Lori Horn Success! We all fail our way to success. 
Link is to PBF file from Oct. 15, 2012 Newsweek article.  Sir Richard Branson, On his banana-boat rescue.

"Goal Setting" is a powerful success accelerator:  Download PDF file

"I'm an Entrepreneur" (long version: 3-min.) You Tube Video Link

Intro to Market America. Eric's short version. Show with Power Point Viewer.

Market America Team,  some fun photos Organization Chart
Updated 08-22-2012

Networking Times Article:  Randy Gage 2010-06-29
On the power of duplication and industry professionalism

Fast Company Magazine: Referral

Networking Times Magazine: Referral

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